Extratorrent Unblocked and Other Banned Torrent Sites

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Torrent downloads are one of the most convenient ways to access information online. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when downloading. Some of these are 123extratorrents, Zooqle, Extra Torrentz, Kickass Torrents, and others.

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  1. 123extratorrents sites
  2.  ExtraTorrents website is still available. 
  3. Kickass torrent website
  4. Torrent Download/unblock torrent download sites
  5. The largest torrent sites on the Internet
  6. Extratorrent Unblocked Proxy & Mirror List
  7. Yify or YTS Movies are similar to Extratorrent Unblocked
  8. Pirate Bay is a king of Torrents
  9. Unblocking Extratorrent proxy without government restrictions
  10. Alternatives to ExtraTorrent Search Engine
  11. Extratorrent Unblocked Site is Block in Several Countries
  12. Alternatives of ExtraTorrent Unblocked
  13. Extratorrent Unblocked – How to Access Extratorrent Without Being Blocked
  14. Conclusion

123 Extratorrent Unblocked sites

  •  123 extratorrents download a wide range of content

123extratorrents is a free website that allows you to download a wide range of content. It’s a peer-to-peer network that gives members access to torrent file sharing. The site is usually committed to providing the latest releases.

A proxy server is a web page that connects users to a blocked site. It uses powerful processes of regular link updating to ensure that users are able to access the sites they want to. There are various levels of performance, safety, and privacy offered by the proxy servers.

  • A VPN is a program that masks a user’s IP address

thus preventing their location from being tracked when they’re browsing the internet. It can also protect a user’s identity by encrypting their internet traffic.

Extratorrent is a torrent site that provides users with a large number of content, including movies, games, music, and programming. It’s a pirated site, so it is banned in many countries. The best way to access Extratorrent is with a reliable VPN.

  • Extratorrent has some features 

Extratorrent has some features that are not found on other torrent websites.

  1.  They include the ability to search for specific torrent files, as well as an advanced search function.
  2.  It also has a pay-per-download option, which offers users extra cash for downloading certain files.
  3. The site has a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  4.  It’s also been banned in a number of countries, but can still be accessed using a VPN. Its most useful feature is its search function.
  5. The site has a few other good ideas, but they can be problematic for users. To create an account, you’ll need a mobile phone number and email address.
  6.  If you don’t have an email address, you can use a paid service, such as NordVPN.
 ExtraTorrents website is still available. 

Despite being banned in many countries, that ExtraTorrent Unblocked website is still available. This torrent site is known for its advanced search engine functionality and the variety of magnet links it provides.

  1. The website offers a wide variety of content, including movies, games, and software. The site also features a search bar and a menu that allows users to access different categories of content. It is also possible to access the site through a proxy.
  2. ExtraTorrent Unblocked is a P2P file-sharing system that enables visitors to download torrent files through the BitTorrent protocol. It offers a variety of digital content, including movies, music, games, ebooks, and other popular content. The website also features a search engine and lists all of the most popular magnet links.
  3. The site is very user-friendly, and the interface is easy to use. There are numerous options to download, which makes it ideal for gamers all over the world.
  4. In order to access the website, you can download a client application, which can be found in the Google Play Store for Android mobile phones. 
  5. This application enables you to view all of the files on the ExtraTorrents Unblocked website. The site is also equipped with advanced features such as a download button, a checker, and an advanced search function.

While it is true that ExtraTorrents can be accessed through a proxy, the most efficient way to deal with the situation is to use a VPN. With a VPN, you can hide your identity, and you can even slow down your internet speed.

Using a VPN will also enable you to bypass censored Internet filters. While this may sound like a good idea, it can be harmful. It can also ruin your online experience.

Kickass torrent website

Torrent websites are very popular and can be used to download content from various sources. But, downloading copyrighted materials is illegal and the government has clamped down on them.

 Some sites have been banned and their users have faced legal notices. So, it is important to use the right way to avoid penalties.

  1. Kickass Torrent is one of the most popular torrent sites. It uses the BitTorrent protocol to allow peer-to-peer file sharing. The site has 10 million torrent files available. The torrents are organized by category. It supports a number of languages.
  2. But, the site is blocked in many countries. The United States, Australia, and Portugal are among those that block the site. However, it can be unblocked by using proxies. Basically, a proxy website replicates the original features of the Kickass Torrent. It then redirects your Internet request through a proxy server.
  3. The primary advantage of a proxy site is that it hides your original IP address. It is therefore more secure and allows you to use the site without being detected.
  4. A lot of Kickass mirrors are still active and receive a lot of traffic. Depending on your country’s laws, these Kickass proxies may or may not be blocked. So, it is important to choose the right Kickass proxy. Some of them may be infected with viruses and malware, while others are safe.
  5. Aside from a Kickass proxy, other alternatives are also available. These include The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent Unblocked. These sites are more resilient and have a larger amount of torrents. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted way to download torrents, you can try these alternatives.
  6. But, before you download any torrent, you should check the laws of your country. If the content is copyrighted, it is better to download it from the original sites.
  • Torrent Download/unblock torrent download sites

Using a VPN can help you to unblock torrent download sites. Some torrent websites are banned because of copyright laws. If you want to use a VPN to get past these barriers, you need to be careful.

  • A VPN will also encrypt your data. This helps keep your personal information from being shared with other users. The most secure and safest VPNs are those that do not record your activity. You may also want to choose a VPN with a no-logs policy.
  • Another option for downloading torrents is a third-party download manager. Some of these services include IDM and SUMOtorrent. Both of these applications are popular with users who do not want to pay for streaming services.
  • The first step to accessing a torrent site is to find one that is available in your region. The second step is to search for the appropriate torrent. Choosing a torrent with a high seeder-to-leecher ratio will allow you to download faster. You will need to choose a torrent that is not too large and does not have too many seeders.
  • The third step is to use a torrent tracker. These trackers share your IP address, your location, and other personal information with other users. This can lead to serious consequences, including legal issues.
  • Using a torrent tracker can also help you to unblock blocked websites. You will have to register with the tracker to gain access to its database. You can also read comments from past users to make sure the file you are downloading is authentic.
  • The best VPN for torrenting is one that encrypts your data. You should always use a VPN that is reputable and independent. Some VPNs are known to sell user data to third parties.

The largest torrent sites on the Internet

Despite being one of the largest torrent sites on the Internet, Zooqle is blocked in many countries due to copyright violations. Fortunately, there are ways to unblock Zooqle and download content.

Aside from downloading content from the official Zooqle website, users can also use Zooqle proxy sites. These are clone websites of the original site that allow users to bypass the blocking of the site. These clones can be accessed by using a VPN service.

  •  Remote server and hide your IP address

Using a VPN service allows you to connect to a remote server and hide your IP address. This protects you from hackers and makes your data secure. However, you can still be vulnerable to attack while browsing through a Zooqle mirror site.

While downloading content from Zooqle, you can run the risk of infecting your device with viruses. You can avoid this by scanning your downloaded files before installing them. Moreover, you can also protect yourself from other security risks by using a VPN.

  •  The Zooqle website uses a VPN app

The other option is to access. This way, you can download the file without being prompted to sign in. This is the best way to download Zooqle content without the hassle of a login.

You can access Zooqle’s advanced search window if you want to browse the site more efficiently. This window contains keywords to help you find the torrent file you want. It also shows you the category, language, and time range of the files. Moreover, you can select the most appropriate torrent file.

Although Zooqle is a free website, you should be careful about the content you download. The website is known to have malware and viruses. You can avoid downloading these files by ensuring that the torrent files you choose are not virus-affected.

Extratorrent Unblocked Proxy & Mirror List

Extratorrent Proxy  Mirror List

Using the Extratorrent proxy list and mirror list is very easy. It is just a matter of clicking a link and a new window opens up. Once you’ve clicked the link, you will be presented with a list of all the mirrors and proxy servers that are currently available. You can then choose which one you want to use and start downloading your favorite movies and shows.

Yify or YTS Movies are similar to Extratorrent Unblocked

Yify or YTS Movies is one of the most popular torrent movie download sites in the world. This site offers users a wide range of movies, TV shows, and software archives. It also has an excellent collection of magnet links, allowing visitors to search for and download digital content.

While Yify is no longer operating, there are still some sites using the Yify brand name. These sites are generally mirrored sites or proxies that enable users to download torrent files. Some of these sites may also contain malware or adware. So, it is important to be cautious when downloading torrent files.

  • Some of the most well-known

 Yify or YTS Movies alternatives are Lime Torrents, EZTV, Kickass Torrent, RARBG, ISOHunt, and TorrentFunk. These Yify or YTS Movies substitutes offer a good selection of torrent files and have been tested and proven to be the best.

In particular, Lime Torrents is an outstanding Yify or YTS Movies alternative. This site has a large torrent database with almost any torrent file you could possibly want. Its user interface is simple and easy to use and its download speed is reliable. It has a favorable response from users.

  • Despite its popularity

 it is now banned in several countries. So, if you are planning to download torrents from this site, you may want to consider using a VPN. The reason is that VPNs allow you to hide your IP address and thereby protect your online video traffic.

Kodi is a great YTS alternate. It takes advantage of a legal loophole to allow you to download copy-protected content. However, it doesn’t download the entire streamed file.

  • The RARBG peer network is one of the better 

Yify or YTS Movies replacements. Its website is simple to navigate and it has a good seed/peer ratio for new television shows and movies. In addition, its website has decent movie quality. Its size for a 1080p movie is over a GB.

There are many other Yify or YTS Movies replicas. While these sites aren’t the only options out there, these are some of the most popular.

Pirate Bay is a king of Torrents

Among the many torrent sites, The Pirate Bay (TPB) is one of the most popular and well-known sites. It has been around for more than 20 years and has a huge user base. Its popularity was further boosted in the last couple of years. It has been banned in several countries. In addition, its founders have been fined and are currently in jail. It has also been threatened by cyberattacks.

  • Despite its downfalls, The Pirate Bay is still one of the most popular and used torrent websites. Users can search for a wide variety of content. They can find television shows, movies, music albums, ebooks, and more. In some cases, they can even download torrent files directly from the search results.
  • The site has a clean interface and is easy to use. It also provides an active community with people who are willing to help you with your problems. They also offer an Android app. It has an extensive library with more than 18 million torrent files. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have a high percentage of seeders. However, this can be addressed through the iDope app.
  • Another great thing about the site is that it allows users to download TV shows up to 1280 x 720p. It has an online community that helps you to choose the right show and download it in the right format. The site has also recently added new episodes.
  • The site is not free from pop-up ads, but they are not intrusive. The My Subscription box feature tells you when the latest episodes are available for download. Using a good ad blocker is also a good idea.
  • Another great site for downloading torrents is TorrentFunk. It has more than 30 million torrent files and offers stats for each. You can search for a torrent by category, keywords, or health status. It also has a section for verified torrents. The site offers a good mix of software to help you download your files.
  • The interface is very similar to that of Netflix. You can browse movies, TV shows, and anime in a clean and simple layout. The site has a built-in privacy checker and is a good option for people who are concerned about their privacy.

Unblocking Extratorrent proxy without government restrictions

Using an extratorrent Unblocked proxy is a good way to get the latest released movies and music from around the world. You can download HD movies and premium applications from portals and torrent sites. But you have to be aware of the risks.

  • While using an extratorrent Unblocked proxy site, you may run into some adware and malware. You also have to be careful of the third-party applications you use. Some of them might be shady. Hence, it is best to use antivirus software and install a good VPN.
  • An extratorrent Unblocked is a file that contains metadata. This metadata is used to track system participants. It is also known as a list of network locations of trackers.
  • One of the most important things about an extratorrent Unblocked is its ability to locate and download torrent content. It has advanced search functionality that allows users to explore everything.
  • There are plenty of extratorrent Unblocked that are available in the market. The most effective and reliable one is EZTV. It offers coverage of anime series, full-length movies, and TV shows. Its database is the most versatile, and it has the most reliable and consistent features.
  • Another good extratorrent Unblocked is the iDope website. This website, which was launched in 2016, contains a few interesting things. Among them, is a plug-in for Google Chrome. It also features a collection of other cool gadgets like a search engine and a magnet link.
  • The iDope website is actually an amalgamation of the following: a search engine, an advanced search function, a magnet link, and a downloadable extratorrent Unblocked. In order to get the most out of the site, you have to do a bit of digging.
  • website may be the sexiest, the most reliable way to unblock it is through a virtual private network. A VPN will hide your real identity, prevent snooping by hackers and keep your data secure. The best way to do it is to install a good VPN, but there are plenty of other options.
  • The extratorrent Unblocked site also has other features, which is probably the best way to unblock it. You can find it in the form of an official mirror site, a third-party clone, or a series of mirrors.

Alternatives to ExtraTorrent Search Engine

ExtraTorrent Search Engine

Torrents are a great way to download movies, TV shows, and other kinds of entertainment content. They’re also a hassle-free way to enjoy movies with your friends. But there are some countries that block all torrent websites. In these cases, you’ll need a VPN to access the torrents.

  • ExtraTorrent was one of the best BitTorrent indexes in the world. 

It was one of the fastest and most secure systems. It was also known for its advanced search feature. It had more than 1 million torrents available, and its fan following was crazy. However, the website faced many copyright complaints, and it shut down voluntarily in May of 2017.

Despite its shutdown, continues to serve as a great resource for finding popular torrent content. It has a search bar that provides you with movie results and other details against the torrent file. It’s easy to navigate and offers a variety of categories, such as films, TV shows, games, music, and more. It’s also a good way to find new releases from anime and other shows.

  • Another alternative to ExtraTorrent is Lime Torrents. 

It offers a wide variety of HD-quality video torrents. They are also considered to be the best music torrents. The website has a huge database of content and a straightforward user interface. Moreover, they have the largest collection of verified torrents.

YTS is an excellent torrent site for smaller devices. Its torrents are compact, so you won’t lose any quality when you download them. The wait time for movies is long, though. They’re also easy to use, and you can download them without a torrent client. They have a simple dashboard that allows you to type in keywords to find the torrents you want.

  • The Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent site in the world. 

It has a simple dashboard and a great search engine that allows you to type in the title of the movie you want to watch. They’re also committed to providing you with the latest movies and shows, and they’ve managed to stay within legal boundaries. They’re known for their large download count and for being one of the top five BitTorrent indexes in the world.

  • TorrentSeeker is a simpler search engine. 

It has a minimal look, and it uses Google’s custom search feature. You can browse through the top 100 torrent sites to see which ones have the movies you’re looking for. It has a simple, straightforward user interface, and it regularly updates its index to keep it up to date. It’s also got a feedback tool, which helps you spot fraudulent floods.

If you’re not sure whether you’re getting a good deal, you can check out the site’s feedback section to see what other users think of it. It’s a great way to ensure that you’re getting the right torrent. If you’re not satisfied, you can always remove your account from the site.

There are a number of mirror sites for ExtraTorrent Unblocked, and they’re available in several countries. In order to unblock these sites, you’ll need a VPN, which will change your server location.

Extratorrent Unblocked Site is Block in Several Countries

why extratorrent unblocked site is block in several country

Having an extratorrent unblocked site that is blocked in several countries can be an issue. However, there are several things that you can do to make sure that your site is still open to users. This article will discuss some of the most common ways that you can prevent your site from being blocked.

  1. Proxy sites

many countries are not freely allowing access to it. This is because of a number of factors. One is the piracy law. Another is the privacy issue. There are also requests to the court to block it from the movie and music industries.

Thankfully, there are many ways to overcome this problem. Firstly, you need to get a virtual private network (VPN). These VPN services can protect you from malware and online attacks. They can also mask your IP address.

Second, you can use a proxy site. A proxy site is a web service that acts as a bridge between your connection and the target website. It can be used to access sites that are blocked by your internet provider.

Using a proxy site can slow down your system’s processing speed, so you may want to avoid it. In addition, some of these sites are not transparent about their operation. Some scripts are harmless, while others are malicious.

  1. YTS Movies

YTS Movies Torrent is a platform that allows users to download free movies. The site is famous for its ease of use and the variety of content it offers. It has subtitles in many different languages. It also has a large selection of old classics. The site uses x264 encoding software. This is a good thing because it reduces download times.

The name of the YTS movie sites might seem a bit odd. However, they are legal. They are not banned by ISPs and they are not affiliated with illegal content. These are actually a very good option for movie lovers.

YTS consists of three main sites. You can get a list of the sites by searching for them on Google. You can also try out YTS proxies. These are websites that are created in a similar manner as YTS but they aren’t associated with the original.

One of the best things about YTS is its comprehensive search engine. It provides you with the ability to search for YTS movies by release date, IMDB rating, or any other criteria.

  1. 1337x

Torrent sites are often censored by governments and Internet Service Providers. Because of the constant uploading of pirated content, these sites are under heavy internet censorship. This causes a lot of harm to related industries, such as film distribution companies. These companies claim that the box office revenue is lost because of an increasing number of pirated copies online.

To bypass piracy laws and improve online security, VPNs are a good option. Using a VPN, you can hide your IP address and get access to any website you want. Aside from enhancing online security, a VPN also prevents a third party from tracking your activity.

However, some proxy sites have been reported to be unsafe. They have been spotted to contain malware and other harmful scripts. The proxy sites use their own code, which is usually unsafe. If you are still unsure about whether the proxy site is safe or not, you can check out their reviews.

  1. TPB

Torrent sites have become a popular way to download content for free. It makes things convenient and pocket friendly. However, governments impose pressure on webmasters to shut down the sites. They claim that the increasing number of pirated copies online hurts box office revenues.

Many countries have banned or restricted access to the sites. If you want to download torrents, then you may need to use a virtual private network. This security tool enhances your online privacy and protects you from cyber threats. You can also use a proxy site to access the site.

ExtraTorrent was one of the biggest torrent sites in the world. It was popular because of its large library and frequent updates. It provided games, apps, and premium content. But, the company closed its doors in 2017.

It’s hard to get access to the site in some countries. Some countries are not as strict as others. Nevertheless, you can still be charged for browsing the site if you are in violation of the law.

Alternatives of ExtraTorrent Unblocked

Alternatives of ExtraTorrent unblocked

Torrent sites are great ways to download different media and entertainment. They allow you to download software, eBooks, movies, TV shows, and music. However, downloading torrents can be dangerous, especially if you download malicious content. If you want to avoid getting into trouble, you need to use a good VPN or antivirus software. These can help you hide your IP and protect your online identity. In addition, you can filter out the content that you don’t need.

  • While ExtraTorrent is no longer available,

 there are some alternatives to it. These are free and safe. While you may find that these alternative websites are less effective than ExtraTorrentUnblocked, they can still provide a way to avoid getting blocked. You can also use these sites to watch free movies and TV shows.

Zooqle is one of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives. This site has a large content library. You can download movies, games, anime, and more. In addition, you can search for torrent files by category or keyword. Its homepage includes a search bar, a magnet link, and a list of top trending torrents. Its design is sleek and modern. While it has many features, it still needs some improvements. Its user base is large, and its content library is growing.

  • TorrentDownloads is another good ExtraTorrent alternative.

 It has a huge database of torrent files, games, and TV shows. Its homepage lists the torrents by category, and there is a search bar at the top. It also has a FAQ section where you can find answers to common questions. The site is easy to navigate, and you don’t have to worry about annoying pop-up ads. In addition, the site has a community of millions of users.

TorrentGalaxy is a relatively new site. It has a wide variety of torrent links for HD movies and TV shows. The site works on most devices. The site is a bit more cluttered than ExtraTorrent, but its interface is easy to use. It has a built-in anonymity checker feature that will detect if you’re leaking sensitive information. You can use the BitLord app for Android and iOS devices.

  • The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest and most popular torrent sites

TorrentFunk is one of the most popular ExtraTorrent Unblocked alternatives. It has the largest torrent file database. Its search bar is fast, and you can type in a keyword to find a torrent. Its files include cover art, download specifications, and other necessary details. The site is blocked in some regions, and you should make sure to use a VPN to prevent geo-blocks.

Extratorrent Unblocked – How to Access Extratorrent Without Being Blocked

Despite its popularity, Extratorrent has been blocked by several ISPs. There are a few methods that you can use to access Extratorrent without getting blocked.

  1. The first method is to use a virtual private network (VPN). These services allow users to hide their IP addresses. This enhances online privacy and security. Using a reputable VPN service ensures that your identity and location are concealed.
  2. Another method is to use a proxy site. These sites are like a mirror of the original site, allowing you to get to the same server. They offer the same features and content. However, you may be unable to use them if your country is blocked by the Extratorrent proxy website.
  3. Another way to access is by downloading a VPN. These services are used to hide your IP and prevent tracking. In addition, they increase online security by preventing hackers from acquiring your information.
  4. If your Internet provider is blocking you can still access the website through mirror links. These links have the same content and interface but are not as secure as a VPN.
  5. You can also use without being blocked if you have a browser that has built-in VPN support. These are generally available in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. You can also try a third-party proxy site if your Internet provider is not blocking them.

Torrentz2 is a website that provides a similar homepage and database as Torrentz. You do not need to register or pay for membership. It is easy to use and offers many popular categories of content. It also has an advanced search function. It is available in multiple languages and updates regularly.


During the years, Extratorrent was one of the most popular sites for torrenting. It has provided a wide range of content to its users. However, in recent times, it had to close down due to copyright issues.

Fortunately, there are some alternatives for Extratorrent Unblocked that were created by a number of web development companies. These alternative sites are reliable and offer safe downloads. They are also easy to use and contain large libraries of different categories.

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