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There are a number of ways to get regulatory compliance solutions that will help you get through the process. Some of them include Regulatory compliance software, CARB data reporting, and Ingredient screening. In this article, you’ll find out more about some of them.

Ithos Regulatory compliance software

Ithos Global is an industry leader when it comes to regulatory compliance software. They develop innovative software solutions that help companies manage supplier quality, streamline the manufacturer-to-manufacturer compliance process, and optimize their supply chain to maximize profitability. 

  1. These solutions are built around patented processes, up-to-date regulatory knowledge, and innovative technologies. it becomes easy to extract better quality from suppliers and reduce the total cost of compliance.
  2. One of the products that they have created is FoodSafe® – a smart solution for small businesses looking to achieve proactive regulatory compliance.
  3.  This software is designed to help manufacturers generate ingredient listings and author safety data sheets for their products. The software also provides users with access to a centralized database of regulatory content.
  4. In addition, the company offers a regulatory compliance platform that helps mid to large-size customers deliver the most accurate and timely regulatory reports possible. 
  5. This platform is built around the latest regulatory requirements 
  6. The product’s features can be a boon to companies of any size. Their solution uses the most powerful and cost-effective technology

While the name Ithos Global may sound like a cosmetics manufacturer, the company offers its solutions to companies across the globe. Some of the cosmetics and dietary supplement firms that rely on Ithos to manage their regulatory compliance include Girl Undiscovered, Omni Bioceutical Innovations, and Pour Moi Skincare.

Cloud-based compliance management solution

Ithos Global is a company t huhat develops cloud-based compliance management solutions for companies and government agencies. The company was founded in 2009 by Ken Bubeck. Currently, 

the company has 25 employees working from offices around the U.S. Ithos Global provides regulatory knowledge, software, and services to help clients manage their complex global regulatory environment.

Cloud-based compliance management

Ithos Global offers cloud-based compliance management tools that streamline the regulatory reporting process.

  1.  The company’s products cover a variety of elements, including ingredient screening, formulation management, and CARB data reporting.
  2.  A subscription package is available to meet the needs of companies across all industries, from small manufacturers to large manufacturers.

Graphical dashboards

The product’s graphical dashboards provide comprehensive visibility into the compliance management processes. 

  1. workflow engine provides a centralized point of accountability for the regulatory activities of business units. 
  2. This enables businesses to track and attest to compliance with regulations, as well as to monitor non-compliant processes.
  3. Another feature of the system is a survey module that allows organizations to distribute self-assessments to their employees.
  4.  This can be done using web forms. Employees can also report fraudulent activity through whistleblower hotlines.

 Centralized database of regulatory information

Having a centralized database of regulatory information and related information is critical to any organization’s ability to stay in compliance.

  1.  Ithos Global’s product can be integrated with other internal systems to ensure that the information that is needed is available.
  2. Companies operating in politically unstable countries can also benefit from consolidating requirements into one platform. 
  3. This approach ties compliance violations to organizational risks and can improve the productivity and efficiency of an organization.
  4. Ithos Global has a team of expert professionals who can help your company achieve compliance. Their software is specifically designed for the cosmetics industry.

Ingredients screening

One of the best ways to stay compliant is to monitor the ingredients that go into your products. Ithos Global has a number of products that can help you in this endeavor. For example, it offers a cloud-based compliance management solution. 

  1. With this solution, your formulas can be checked against certain jurisdictions, resulting in a safer, greener supply chain. In addition, this product can be easily integrated with your existing internal systems.
  2. If your company is looking for the quickest way to implement a regulatory program or a nifty way to keep tabs on your product’s composition, Ithos can make it easier, cheaper, and safer. 
  3. This enterprise-level solution will also provide you with a full suite of tools to manage your suppliers and ensure compliance in the future.

Ingredients search feature

Aside from the product, Ithos will also provide you with a free beta of their ingredients search feature. 

  1. This is a smart solution for small businesses that want to take a proactive approach to their regulatory obligations. Using this product will help you avoid common pitfalls in the regulatory maze like fines and product recalls.
  2.  As a bonus, your business will enjoy a streamlined supply chain and a competitive advantage in the ever-changing consumer landscape.
  3. Lastly, Ithos is a reputable brand that is innovating a number of other useful products to help its clients succeed. 
  4. In fact, the company has a number of patented processes that will help you streamline your supply chain, improve the safety of your products, and streamline your supplier risk management.
 CARB data reporting Solution 

Ithos Global’s CARB data reporting solution can help your company get on the right track to a regulatory-compliant PLM. It can also help you introduce your product to new markets. In fact, it can act as a regulatory department on your behalf.

  • Ithos Global offers several features to help mid-sized to large companies deliver regulatory compliance reports in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  •  The product is based on a patented process and uses comprehensive data repositories. This translates to a lower total cost of execution for your business. Moreover, the company can assist with a variety of documents.
  • Specifically, the CARB data reporting solution can help you certify that your product contains all the ingredients it claims.
  •  Additionally, it can help you comply with the California Air Resources Board’s mandatory reporting requirements. As such, you can avoid the potential for a sales ban. 
  • Aside from CARB, Ithos can help you with the FDA’s requisite documentation, as well as a myriad of other regulatory responsibilities.
Regulatory-compliant PLM Software

Having a Global Regulatory compliant PLM software solution can help your company to stay competitive in today’s world. Using a platform to manage your product lifecycle and supplier quality can simplify your workflow and ensure that you are compliant at all times. Having this software can also help you improve the quality of your products.

  1. For example, in the cosmetics industry, manufacturers must ensure that they meet regulatory requirements and that they are using ingredients that are safe for consumers.
  2.  It is not only a legal obligation, but it can also be costly if mistakes are made. Having a compliance software solution can reduce the risk of recalls. The increased visibility it provides will allow you to have better control over your product lifecycle.
  3. A Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform is designed to help you track your product design and development process. It allows you to share data in real-time with other stakeholders. 
  4. This helps you reduce errors in your development, improve transparency, and collaborate more efficiently. In the cosmetics industry, this can help you increase your visibility, lower your risks, and improve your processes.

Whether you are a dietary supplement manufacturer, a food and beverage company, or a pharmaceutical company, ithos offers a solution to keep you compliant. Specifically, the platform offers a product lifecycle management solution that allows you to manage 21CFR820 device master records.


Ithos Global, a small policy based in the Quackenbush building on Washington Street in downtown Troy, has been around since 2009 but they are still very much in business. 

They make software for the regulated cosmetics and dietary supplement industries and boast a staff of 25 in the US and another 15 in Asia. 

The company’s marquee product is its proprietary suite of software & services. Some of the more well-known clients include Omni Bioceutical Innovations

For instance, Ithos is known for its unique approach to marketing that focuses on the development and maintenance of relationships with suppliers and distributors, as well as a penchant for openness and transparency.

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