OneStream Software 200m d1 capital partner Raised $200 Million in Series B funding 

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OneStream Software 200m d1 capital partner company that is dedicated to building innovative, high-performance solutions for healthcare and enterprise customers. 

The company was founded by an experienced team of executives from top-tier technology companies who want to deliver innovative software that is easy to use and reliable.

 Now, the company is raising a series B funding round led by D1 Capital Partners. By acquiring this round of capital, the company hopes to expand its customer base and research and development capabilities.

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  1. The following are some important facts about OneStream Software 200m D1 capital partner
  2. Series B funding round led by D1 Capital Partners
  3. Establish OneStream Software as a global provider of on-premise and cloud CPM products.
  4. Invest in R&D
  5. As a leader in the intelligent finance platform market, the company’s goal is to expand internationally. 
  6. Conclusion 

The following are some important facts about OneStream Software 200m D1 capital partner

OneStream has achieved the following: eighty-five percent growth in annual recurring revenue in 2020, a tenfold increase in the customer base over the previous five years, and an impressive fivefold increase in gross revenues over the past two years. 

  • In addition, OneStream is a leading provider of corporate performance management (CPM) solutions and has garnered the attention of several marquee names in the industry. These include Oracle, SAP, and Oracle Hyperion.
  • OneStream is also the best of the crop when it comes to customer service. According to the firm, one of the largest factors that have influenced the company’s success has been its commitment to ensuring the best possible customer experience.
  •  This has included an omniscient and highly responsive support team and a suite of tools for customers to access and use on demand.
  • For example, OneStream’s flagship product, the CPM suite, includes several exemplary applications that ensure financial data quality, reporting analytics, and financial consolidation.
  •  Additionally, the company has implemented an innovative, award-winning enterprise resource planning platform, resulting in a reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Series B funding round led by OneStream Software 200m D1 Capital Partners

OneStream Software, a Michigan-based corporate performance management software vendor, has raised $200 million in Series B funding from D1 Capital Partners and other investors. The round valued the company at $6 billion. With this investment, the company plans to continue expanding globally and capitalizing on a record market demand for its products.

  • On-premise CPM platform for mid-to-large enterprises

OneStream provides an on-premise CPM platform for mid-to-large enterprises. It has more than 650 customers, and its software is used by Post Holdings, UPS, Sandpoint Consulting, and many others. 

In the first quarter of 2018, the company saw an impressive 200% growth in bookings. This was followed by an 85% growth in recurring revenue over the next year.

The company’s funding will enable it to continue growing and serve an addressable market of more than 650 enterprises. Several existing investors participated in the Series B round, including Lone Pine Capital, Greenoaks Capital, Northpond Ventures, and T. Rowe Price Associates.

  • D1 Capital Partners is a venture firm led by Dan Sundheim

 who has invested in dozens of fast-growing companies. He is also a co-founder of Drivenets, which raised $208 million in Series B funding in January.

D1 Capital Partners’ investment will support the company’s continued global expansion, as well as accelerate innovation across its intelligent finance platform.

 A key part of the company’s product portfolio, OneStream’s finance toolbox provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of solutions to manage their cash, investments, and assets.

  • Notable companies in the venture community,

D1 has invested in Inflammatix, a molecular diagnostics startup. WhiteSource, an Israeli open-source security, and management software firm, has also received Series D financing. Andreessen Horowitz, Trilogy Equity Partners, and Caver Ventures are among the other investors in Casted.

OneStream Software, whose on-premise CPM products are used by more than 650 enterprises worldwide, has been raising funds since the beginning of the year. KKR, Tiger Global, and other investors have poured more than $500 million into the company in 2019, and OneStream is currently valued at $6 billion.

OneStream’s Series B funding round was led by D1 Capital Partners, with participation from IGSB, Lone Pine Capital, Greenoaks, and T. Rowe Price.

Establish OneStream Software as a global provider of on-premise and cloud CPM products.

OneStream Software, a provider of on-premise and cloud CPM products for mid-to-large enterprises, recently secured $200 million in a Series B funding round led by D1 Capital Partners.

 This round comes on the heels of a $1 billion valuation from private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR). Other notable entrants include Tiger Global and the Investment Group of Santa Barbara.

  •  The world’s largest financial institutions

OneStream has garnered interest from some of the world’s largest financial institutions, including Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase. 

  1. Its offices are spread across the UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, Australia, and the US. In the UK, it has a new office in Manchester to support its growing EMEA customer base.
  2. OneStream claims to be able to provide a unified solution for key finance processes, such as planning, reporting, and forecasting, and help organizations conquer complexity and improve ROI. 
  3. The company’s offerings also include the innovative solutions MarketPlace.
  • Subscription-based business mode

OneStream has recently moved away from its proprietary data feeds to a more conventional, subscription-based business model. Despite the new focus on recurring revenue, the company’s growth has accelerated. During the first quarter of this year, 

  1. OneStream increased ARR by 100%, a significant milestone in the storied journey. At the same time, the company was able to woo its 100th customer. For the discerning business owner, a subscription-based model equates to a predictable monthly or annual fee that pays for itself over time.
  2. Notably, the $200 million round will serve as a bridge to a public offering in the not-too-distant future. OneStream executives claim that it will allow them to accelerate the rollout of new innovations across its intelligent finance platform. 
  3. While a public offering of any magnitude is still several years away, a successful one will enable the company to capitalize on its impressive record of innovation.
  4. With its record-breaking valuation, OneStream is in a prime position to expand across the globe. As with any technology company, competitive advantage must be maintained. 
  5. A new EMEA office in Manchester will be just the start. If all goes to plan, OneStream may be the next Apple or Google.
Invest in R&D
OneStream Software 200m d1 capital partner Raised $200 Million in Series B funding

OneStream software is a company whose mission is to simplify the art of financial reporting and consolidations for its users. They offer tools such as a unified CPM platform, a streamlined solution for rolling forecasts, and an analytics solution that will make you a smarter business executive.

 In the last year, they’ve added customers and extended their user base beyond the technology companies that they’re traditionally associated with.

1. Global investment

The company has received more than $700 million in funding so far, but that’s not the only thing they’ve done. In 2019, KKR invested more than $500 million in the company. 

  1. D1 Capital Partners, a global investment firm that specializes in media and financial services, also participated in the round. Both firms are big-time investors in high-growth companies. 
  2. This means OneStream is now valued at a staggering $6 billion, making it a savvy purchase for the money.

2. IPO in the near future

According to a Forbes report, OneStream is likely to file for an IPO in the near future. The company, which has offices in the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, and Switzerland, will seek to emulate the success of its public counterparts. 

  1. While OneStream has yet to announce any formal partnerships with other big-name software vendors, it does have its eye on a potential acquisition.
  2. In the last twelve months, OneStream has surpassed its competitors in terms of the number of customers, revenue, and office locations.
  3.  Its new $200 million round of funding will help the company to keep pace with the technological advancements of its competitors. 
  4. As one of the leading providers of intelligent finance software, OneStream is able to capitalize on record market demand. 

3. Planning solutions annually

A recent study showed that OneStream’s customers spend more than $42 million on analytics and planning solutions annually. That’s a whopping eighty-five percent increase from last year.

  1. The company’s latest venture will be used to accelerate its growth across the globe. 
  2. As the name suggests, its primary focus is the enterprise market. OneStream will expand its customer base by forty percent in the next year. 
  3. At the same time, the company plans to leverage its newfound capital to develop tools and services that will help the company to better serve its clients.

As a leader in the intelligent finance platform market, the company’s goal is to expand internationally.

OneStream Software recently completed a $200 million Series B funding round led by D1 Capital Partners. 

This funding will be used to accelerate the company’s global expansion and innovation. 

The company’s goal is to become a leader in the intelligent finance platform market. In 2020, OneStream plans to increase its annual recurring revenue by 86 percent.

 Mid-sized to large enterprises.

OneStream provides on-premise CPM products for mid-sized to large enterprises. 

  • Its solutions include forecasting, financial consolidation, and reporting analytics.
  •  It also integrates and simplifies reporting and data quality. As a result, it helps companies simplify their financial and operational processes.
  •  Among the customers of OneStream are Post Holdings, Fruit of the Loom, Sandpoint Consulting, Carlyle, McCain, and UPS.

OneStream Software 200m d1 capital partner – Since the company’s founding in 2010,

 OneStream has grown to more than 1,000 employees. In addition, it has offices in the US, Canada, France, Germany, and Sweden. 

During the past two years, the company has enjoyed strong growth. For the first quarter of 2018, it reported a 200% increase in bookings, resulting in a 100% growth in ARR. However, adoption rates are still below 30%.

  1. In order to keep up with the growing demand for its solutions, OneStream plans to use the funding to accelerate the development of tools and the company’s global expansion. 
  2. The company’s goal is to expand its business in Europe and South America, and possibly Asia as well.
  3. OneStream’s customer base increased by more than 40%, and the software is now a part of more than 650 enterprises around the world. 
  4. many of the company’s clients have chosen to replace legacy applications with OneStream. Those applications are typically point solutions or applications from Anaplan, SAP, Blackline, and Oracle Hyperion.
  5. In the past year, OneStream has expanded its user base by adding customers away from the competition. For example, in the EMEA region, it opened an office in Manchester to support its growing European client base.
  6. OneStream also recently announced Spaulding Ridge as a Platinum-level implementation partner. With its strategic vision in mind, Spaulding Ridge is committed to OneStream’s success.


OneStream Software recently raised $200 million in a series B round led by D1 Capital Partners. The software firm has a slew of offices around the globe, including the US, the UK, France, and Australia.

 One stream software butilds innovative high-performance software solutions for healthcare and enterprise customers. As a software vendor, OneStream is not without its share of competitors. 

For instance, IBM, Oracle, and SAP hold sway in the enterprise resource planning space. However, the cloud has brought the functionality of these vendors to the masses, and OneStream has capitalized on this opportunity.

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