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Companies that are looking to implement Security Automation may face some resistance from their cyber security team. They may be hesitant to adapt to new technology or believe that it is taking over their jobs. Regardless of the resistance, security teams can benefit from automation. However, they must educate their stakeholders about the benefits of security automation processes.

SenseOn’s AI Triangulation technology automates routine threat analysis

Sensei’s AI Triangulation Security automation software simulates human security automations analysts to automate routine threat detection, investigation, and response. It can replace multiple security tools and provides complete visibility across an organization’s digital estate. Its patented AI Triangulation technology analyzes data from multiple angles and learns from experience. As a result, Sense On can provide contextually rich alerts and mitigate risk quickly and effectively.

SenseOn’s AI Triangulation platform automates routine threat detection, reducing false positive alerts and increasing visibility across an organization. It enables security teams to identify even the most subtle threats. Sense On has also offered 100% remote jobs in the past. The company offers competitive compensation, private healthcare, pension plans, and other benefits to employees who qualify. Also, SenseOn provides frequent opportunities for professional development with top-level industry leaders.

SenseOn’s AI Triangulation software automatically correlates data from multiple layers of IT infrastructure to identify threats. It collects data from network telemetry, endpoint devices, and cloud infrastructure. It also gathers related Observations from across the network. The system then prioritizes each alert based on its severity and urgency. The system also prevents false positives from affecting data.

Komand’s orchestration and security automation solution handles all of this for you

A security orchestration and automation platform can make the most of the tools that you already have. security automation can streamline incident response processes and connect security automation playbooks to your tools to automate them. It also allows you to use human insights when they are needed. With powerful workflows and plugins, Komand can help you accelerate incident detection and response.

With Komand, you can connect your security tools, automate workflows, and save time and money. The company says that its users have experienced a 83 percent reduction in response time to security incidents. The solution also helps security analysts focus on analysis rather than manual data fetching, which is time consuming and often results in errors.

SenseOn’s platform integrates seamlessly with other security systems

SenseOn provides a centralized platform that integrates seamlessly with other security systems for data protection and security. The platform is SQL-based and uses advanced analytics to prioritize anomalous observations and automate response and remediation. The SenseOn platform provides a complete view of your entire IT infrastructure, eliminating the inefficiencies and costs that come with using multiple security tools.

SenseOn’s platform works across sectors and industries, including healthcare, financial services, and public sectors. Its cloud-based AI techniques enable it to protect endpoints, networks, and microservices. The company recently raised $20 million in Series A funding from investors including MMC Ventures, Winton Ventures, and Eight Road Ventures. It had previously raised $6.4 million in seed funding in 2019.

The company’s AI technology, which simulates human security analysts’ thinking, allows it to detect and investigate threats automatically. This reduces the workload on security teams by eliminating false positives and improving the efficiency of detection. The AI platform also allows for more efficient data analysis and preventive actions.

SenseOn is committed to creating a safer world through cyber security. The company has a mission to change the way security is done, and to make cybersecurity easy and intuitive. The company has been recognized as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. David Atkinson, founder and CEO, has extensive experience in cyber security. He was previously the commercial director of Darktrace and helped pioneer new cybersecurity techniques at the U.K. Ministry of Defence. His expertise has enabled him to develop a platform that integrates seamlessly with other security systems for data protection.

Human oversight is required

The GDPR introduced the concept of ‘human intervention’ to prevent decisions about personal data being made solely by automated means. In line with GDPR, the European Committee of the Regions has proposed that AI systems must be subject to human oversight and certain obligations. The proposed Regulation would also require human intervention in high-risk AI systems.

Security practitioners must balance the need for human oversight with the effectiveness of AI-supported controls. While AI-supported controls have the potential to automate processes, they will need time to be trained to act autonomously. This will require a transition period, in which security practitioners must develop confidence in their ability to work with such intelligent systems. However, when used together, human oversight and AI-supported controls can be a valuable part of cyber defences.

In addition to being a critical part of security and data protection, human oversight is critical in improving the performance of AI systems. Without human oversight, AI systems may not be trustworthy and could end up hurting privacy and data security. Therefore, companies that rely on AI-based security tools should suspend the automated systems immediately if they make errors. Otherwise, such mistakes could erode privacy even further, bringing in human biases and decisions into the process.

Automated activities reduce the chance of human error

Increasing automation of data security processes can reduce the risks associated with human error. Human error is a risk due to the wrong actions a person might take that could lead to a security breach. These errors can be caused by a lack of knowledge, lack of sophistication, or lack of experience, or could simply be an attempt to avoid responsibility. Automation can help reduce human error and improve cybersecurity awareness among employees.

Automation can minimize human error for data security by eliminating the need for human intervention. Automated processes can also reduce the number of errors associated with manual tasks, allowing for better consistency and reliability. Additionally, automated systems can work round the clock, eliminating the need for human oversight. Automated processes can also be used to scale platforms and applications.

Human error can be caused by a number of factors, but three main ones are the most common. These include the environment, opportunity, and lack of awareness. Ultimately, the more opportunities there are for something to go wrong, the greater the risk of mistaken actions. Human error can also be caused by lapses in memory, distraction, or fatigue.

Automated activities also increase the likelihood of identifying small issues before they become major ones. It can help ensure consistency throughout the environment by flagging anomalies in systems and alerting the IT team quickly. This prevents incidents such as cascading failure, in which an unrelated system is affected by the same issue.

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