Teen Tours – Travel is a way for kids to see the world firsthand 

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Teen tours are an amazing opportunity for teens to develop life skills, gain a cultural appreciation and adapt well to new environments. Additionally, these excursions give your teen the chance to interact with young people from around the globe! Many local religious organizations provide summer travel experiences for teens. 

Travel-The Greatest Gift 

These trips can be either community service- or educational-focused.

Travel is one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids and a tour is an ideal way to introduce them to new places and cultures.3. 


Group teen travel options typically involve a tour leader traveling with a group of teens and their parents. These trips are tailored towards teenagers, often featuring language learning activities, adventure activities, and cultural immersion.

Although these may be more expensive than other teen travel options, they can be fun and provide great chances to spend quality time with your tween or teenager.


Private teen tours travel companies employ counselors to take groups of teens on vacation and keep them safe throughout their experience. These tours tend to be accredited by the Camping Association, though these may cost more than other options available.

Teen tours can also be tailored to specific topics or countries by an experienced travel guide, tailored specifically for each group’s interests.

  1. Community Service Trips

Community service tours are an ideal choice for teens who want to make a positive impact in their community while traveling abroad. Not only will they learn about different cultures from around the world, but they’ll also get to do some good in the process!

Teen service trip destinations such as Santa Barbara, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Thailand, and Cambodia are some of the more popular options. Here you can help rebuild a community in Vietnam, assist with animal rescues, or teach English to locals.

Students in the United States have the unique opportunity to work on a community project.


Educational teen travel options can come from many places such as public schools, private schools, and religious organizations. These trips tend to focus on community service or educational aspects and make for a great summer activity.

Germantown Academy students recently spent their summer holidays in Paris and Normandy, with the school even hosting a memorial ceremony for fallen soldiers on Omaha Beach.

Other Activities:

Students in 7th through 12th grades have access to an exciting array of programs that combine sightseeing, sports, and many more. These activities are tailored to meet the summer goals of nearly any family and can be both entertaining and educational for your teen.


Rein Teen Tours is known for offering traditional teen travel and adventure trips, but they also provide community service trips throughout the year. These trips provide your tween with an opportunity to make a difference while traveling, boost their self-esteem, develop leadership abilities, and get involved in their community. These can be great learning experiences that your tween will cherish forever!

Discover the World:

They can take their skills abroad on a yearlong high school abroad program or exchange program. Additionally, some travel companies provide yearlong study-abroad opportunities for teens and their parents to discover the world.

Final words

Travel is a way for kids to see the world firsthand. It can broaden their horizons and help them understand different cultures.

Teens are often not allowed to go abroad because of their families’ budget but there are travel programs that give teens the opportunity to experience the world for free or at a low cost. These tours can also help your teen develop independence, open their minds and learn about the world around them.

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