The Derek Chauvin House in Windermere, Florida, Has Been vandalized

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Protesters have been gathering outside a Florida townhouse owned by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin house to voice their displeasure over the death of George Floyd, whom Chauvin choked to death in May 2020.

Chauvin has been imprisoned since being found guilty of the murder of Floyd. He was sentenced to 22 1/2 years in state prison and 21 years in federal prison.

Derek Chauvin Address: 17th St N, Oakdale, MN 55128

The Derek Chauvin house is 1881 square feet

Disgraced Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s house, where George Floyd died after being choked to death in 2020 and ignited the global Black Lives Matter movement, is no ordinary residence. Situated at 1881 square feet in Windermere, Florida, it features three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

  • A recent tour of the house reveals it to be in excellent condition, with freshly painted interior walls and new carpet installed in the master bedroom.
  • Additionally, a new kitchen was installed along with two bathrooms and a garage. The home has a full basement as well as air conditioning throughout.
  • But what really sets it apart from its competitors is the size of its swimming pool – an impressive 170 feet long! Set within a spacious and well-landscaped garden, this makes for the ideal summer getaway from everyday life’s stresses.

The house also features other amenities like an indoor golf course, gym, and wine cellar. However, perhaps most impressive of all is its location – only 12 miles away from Orlando – one of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

It has three bedrooms

Chauvin lived with his wife and two children in their home, though reports indicated the couple had a history of financial instability. Furthermore, they failed to file tax returns for several years prior to moving out.

Over the summer of 2017, protesters took to the streets of Minneapolis-St Paul to find out where Chauvin lived by looking at property records and social media posts. According to The Star Tribune, Chauvin owned a home in Woodbury, a suburb east of St. Paul, as well as an Oakdale residence located in Washington County.

Windermere boasts a three-bedroom, 1881-square-foot house on Brightland Street within its neighborhood.

It has a garage

Last year, Derek Chauvin’s house in Oakdale, Minnesota (where George Floyd died from police misconduct), was vandalized and graffitied with the word “MURDERER.” This residence lies on the eastern edge of Minneapolis a good distance away from downtown.

Redfin’s listing for this home indicates it was sold off-plan, yet it appears to have undergone minimal renovations. 

  1. It features a spacious living room, two bedrooms, and an updated full bathroom.
  2. The kitchen is spacious, boasting plenty of counter space and granite countertops. 
  3. It also has 42-inch cabinets with tile backsplash. 
  4. Plus, there are stainless steel appliances and an island for storage needs.
  5. There’s also a den with a fireplace and built-in bookshelves, as well as a bedroom with its own ensuite bathroom.
  6. At the back of every home, there is usually a garage with two-car spaces. 
  7. This feature is especially important for those with cars as it makes parking and accessing their house much simpler.

The home is within walking distance of numerous shops, restaurants, and a public park. As such, it has become a sought-after location for families as well as those looking to relocate nearby.

It has a pool

Windermere, Florida’s house is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom 1,881 square foot property listed by an unnamed local realtor for $1,399,500. Due to the pending sale, no price was disclosed.

The front yard is complete with an impressive pool – it’s the largest in the area!

Derek Chauvin’s new residence features an impressive pool that will surely impress any guests who visit. Not only is the pool itself stunning, but its design and furnishings also stand as a testament to its luxury.

Here’s where it gets strange: a few weeks back, Chauvin was spotted by several law enforcement officers in his neighborhood.

Final words

A judge has ordered the jury to begin deliberations in the case of Derek Chauvin, accused of killing George Floyd. This trial comes amid a wave of protests against police violence against Black people.

On Monday during closing arguments, prosecutor Steve Schleicher noted that during the last nine minutes of Floyd’s life, he was gasping for air while Chauvin held him down. Despite pleas from bystanders and an off-duty paramedic for help, Chauvin refused to roll Floyd onto his side.

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